Hargrave is known for creating the most exciting and desirable custom boats for American clients. We’ve been delighting our owners since 1957, and we are still number one in our market niche.  Whatever your secret dreamboat is, whatever your vision for fun and excitement on the water, bring your ideas to Hargrave, we know how to bring it to life and do it on time and on budget.  If you could get a custom made yacht at the same price as a production yacht, I mean who wouldn’t want that, right?

85 HSY
116 HSY
Its Fun
  • You’ll enjoy working with our architects and create your perfect yacht
  • You’ll get really excited working with our interior designer team
  • You’re life experience and boating experience will
  • In just about an hour you’ll “get it” and know if custom is for you
140 HSY
186 HSY
Its Fast
  • This is not some long drawn out process like building a house or office
  • We’re talking days, not weeks or months to start your boat
  • We start with a strategy session – your place or ours
  • We only need a handful of key details to start your dream boat
116 HSY
90 HSY
Its Amazing
  • Every owner was overjoyed when they saw their Hargrave completed
  • Walking down the dock that first day and seeing “her” is overwhelming
  • Years later owners say they are still amazed every time they step aboard